Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 28

All units of government Federal, State or Local are prohibited from making  laws which dictate what an adult can or must do, at least, in the privacy of his/her home,  with his/her own body. Neither shall any unit of government restrict or punitively tax  the sale, growth or manufacture of items so as to restrict what an adult can or must do at least in the privacy of his/her home. Any existing law in conflict with this Amendment will be invalidated within 180 days of this Amendment being added to the Constitution. What a person can or must do with his/her own body shall include amongst other things how to remain healthy and safe, including but not limited to the purchase of items, services or installation of items. If an adult's actions outside the home do NOT affect others in a material way, this prohibition is extended to those actions too. Material ways do NOT include economic effects but do include the use of clothing or lack of  clothing to incite sexual behavior contrary to local custom. This Amendment will supersede the Interstate Commerce clause of Article 1, Section 8. Government may still restrict the sale of items that are fraudulently advertised but only when a trial by jury renders a guilty determination.


ObamaCare individual mandate will be invalidated, along with most of its other freedom crushing dictates...because it mandates what a citizen must do to stay healthy.
Also say good riddance to all the drug laws...controlled substances as well as the prescription laws. The productive members of society are paying a terrible price for denying the drug taking idiots their right to commit slow suicide...all the costs of imprisoning them, the enrichment and empowerment of criminal enterprises, the cost to victims of crime committed by addicts made worse by the greatly increased price of drugs made illegal.. As for the addicts the quicker they overdose and drop dead the better off we will be. As for the prescription laws...their invalidation will take doctors off their high horses...maybe even prompt them to offer real benefits to natural health healing therapies instead of symptom relief.. Add the mandatory seat belt laws...definitely for adults...and many of the building codes. Building codes originated with the need to protect safety. That was good but our damn municipalities have seized upon codes as a way to raise demand permits and permit fees. And they have expanded the mandate to protect the safety of the neighbors with anything they consider as good. So in Illinois there is a requirement for carbon monoxide detectors does that affect the safety of the neighbors? And like highway robbers, local government steals from us every time they see an opportunity...had the misfortune of a hail storm...need to fix your roof...well you got to give something to your locality...why do I need their damn permission to fix my roof...assuming I don't use something that increases fire danger. Yes government needs money to operate....but the burden of that should be spread equally...per Equality Before the Law. Also say good riddance to all the punitive taxation...cigarettes, alcohol, etc. I don't think those vices are good things but the burden of taxation must fall equally per Equality Before the long as smoking and drinking are legal behavior it is wrong to punish them.

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